Don’t Overlook The Men’s Athleisure Jacket: Our Top 10 Picks

Men's Athleisure Jacket: Discover the Top 10 in The Market

The Growing Trend of Athleisure Jackets

Athleisure jackets are taking fashion by storm. This isn’t just about throwing on a jacket for a quick jog or a trip to the gym. It’s about seamlessly blending style, comfort, and functionality. Athleisure jackets have become the go-to for men who want to look dapper without compromising comfort.

The beauty of these jackets lies in their versatility. Whether heading to a casual brunch, a business meeting, or a night out with friends, an athleisure jacket embodies the modern man’s desire for swagger and practicality.

Key Insights 🔥

  • Athleisure is Redefining Fashion: This trend seamlessly blends gym wear with everyday attire, offering comfort and a fresh look. From joggers to sleek jackets, athleisure ensures you’re always in vogue, no matter the setting.
  • Innovation at its Best: Brands like BYLT Basics and Cuts Clothing push boundaries with unique designs and features. Their products aren’t just about aesthetics; they’re about pioneering new standards in wearability and functionality.
  • Versatility is Key: The best athleisure jackets can transition from the gym to the office without missing a beat. With the right piece, you’re always dressed for the occasion, be it a workout session or a casual business meet.
  • Layering Elevates the Look: Combining hoodies, pull-over quarter-zips, and athleisure jackets creates depth and sophistication. It’s not just about wearing a jacket but crafting an outstanding ensemble.
  • Sneakers Complete the Ensemble: The right pair of athleisure sneakers can elevate the outfit. Whether pairing them with tapered joggers or shorts, a good sneaker is the finishing touch that ties everything together.
  • Bright Future Ahead: The world of athleisure jackets is only set to grow, with brands continuously innovating. As consumers, we’re in for a treat with even more stylish, comfortable, and feature-packed options on the horizon.

Brands have recognized this growing demand and are stepping up, offering a range of jackets catering to different tastes and needs. From sleek bomber jackets to functional windbreakers, there’s something for everyone.

But what’s driving this trend? It’s the blend of urban aesthetics with sporty vibes. Men no longer want to choose between looking good and feeling good. With athleisure jackets, they don’t have to. It’s the dawn of a new era in men’s fashion, and athleisure jackets are leading the charge.

Top 10 Men’s Athleisure Jackets

Standout brands such as BYLT Basics, Cuts Clothing, Vuori, Linksoul, Legends Apparel, and ASRV have set new standards in the athleisure landscape. They cater to the contemporary man’s quest for jackets that combine innovative design with unmatched comfort and longevity.

1. Hi-Lo Reversible Bomber Jacket by BYLT Basics

Hi-Lo Reversible Bomber Jacket by BYLT Basics

BYLT Basics is one of the hottest athleisure brands in the space. Known for their commitment to quality and innovative designs, they’ve become a go-to for many seeking style and comfort.

The Hi-Lo Reversible Bomber Jacket is a testament to BYLT’s dedication to excellence. Priced at $175, this jacket offers versatility like no other. With a unique quilted pattern on one side and a smooth solid color on the other, it’s essentially two jackets in one. Talk about getting a bang for your buck! But it’s not just about aesthetics. The jacket boasts fine details and premium fabrics, ensuring a relaxed fit for those chilly days.

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Standout Features of Hi-Lo Reversible Bomber Jacket:

VersatilityTwo distinct styles in one jacket.
MaterialsPremium materials ensuring longevity and utmost comfort.
FitRelaxed fit perfect for any occasion.
DesignUnique quilted pattern on one side and a smooth, solid hue on the flip side.

2. Coaches Jacket by BYLT Basics

Coaches Jacket by BYLT Basics

BYLT Basics brings another gem with its Coaches Jacket. This piece is a modern take on the classic coaches jacket, and it’s designed to be a slick pairing piece in your wardrobe.

Priced at $135, the Coaches Jacket is more than just a style statement. It’s designed to move with you throughout the day, ensuring you’re comfortable no matter the setting. And when it comes to colors, you’re spoiled with options like Black, Navy, and Dark-Olive.

Standout Features of the Coaches Athleisure Jacket:

VersatilitySuitable for both casual and formal settings.
MaterialsCrafted with top-notch fabrics.
Color OptionsAvailable in three colors: Black, Navy, and Dark-Olive.
DesignModern take on the classic coaches jacket.

3. Courtside Reversible Bomber Jacket By BYLT Basics

Courtside Reversible Bomber Jacket By BYLT Basics

BYLT Basics continue to redefine the athleisure game with their Courtside Reversible Bomber Jacket. This jacket isn’t just a piece of clothing; it’s a statement. A bold one. With its dual-sided design, you can switch up your look depending on your mood or the occasion. One side boasts the brand’s Elite+ Fabric, while the other showcases a sleek woven nylon, ensuring you’re always looking and feeling dapper.

Priced at $185, this jacket offers more than just aesthetics. It’s all of the above and then some.

Standout Features of the Courtside Reversible Bomber Jacket:

VersatilityTwo distinct styles in one jacket: Elite+ Fabric and woven nylon.
DesignModern take on the classic bomber jacket with a reversible hood.
StorageExterior zip chest and kanga-styled pockets for your essentials.
FitModern relaxed-fit design ensuring you’re comfortable and stylish.

4. Legacy Jacket By Cuts Clothing

Legacy Jacket By Cuts Clothing

Cuts Clothing, a brand that’s been making waves in the fashion industry with its commitment to quality and style, introduces the Legacy Jacket. Designed for those who value form and function, the Legacy Jacket is a testament to Cuts Clothing’s dedication to producing top-tier apparel. Priced at $175, this jacket is crafted for those who demand the best.

With its fully lined mesh inner fabric and a water-resistant outer shell, the Legacy Jacket promises comfort in any situation. The custom stand collar and inner eyewear pocket add a timeless yet functional touch. If you’re looking for a durable, stylish jacket that stands the test of time, the Legacy Jacket by Cuts Clothing is a top contender.

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Standout Features of the Legacy Athleisure Jacket:

MaterialLegacy Twill, 100% Polyester
DesignStand-up collar, water-resistant outer shell, back vent for breathability
StorageHidden interior zippered pocket, interior eyewear drop-in pocket
Additional FeaturesElasticated sleeve cuff and bottom hem, custom zipper X logo

5. Concorde Jacket By Cuts Clothing

Concorde Jacket By Cuts Clothing

Priced at $175, Cuts Clothing’s Concorde Jacket is a testament to the brand’s commitment to blending comfort with style. Designed for the modern jet-setter, this jacket is the epitome of what it means to travel in style. Crafted from their innovative Aeroflite™ fabric, it promises a soft touch while ensuring breathability, making it the go-to for those long flights and travel days.

The Concorde Jacket isn’t just about looking fresh; it’s about functionality too. With interior pockets designed for stashing essentials like passports and AirPods, it ensures your valuables are both secure and easily accessible. The rib cuff and waistband guarantee maximum comfort, while the stealth trims add a touch of sophistication.

Standout Features of the Concorde Athleisure Jacket:

MaterialAeroflite™ (63% rayon, 32% polyamide, 5% span)
DesignStand collar, two hand pocket entries at side seam
StorageInterior pockets for stashing valuables like passports and AirPods
Additional FeaturesRib cuff and waistband, specialty custom stealth trims, buttery soft feel, cool hand feel, breathable, 4-way stretch, wrinkle-resistant

6. Venture Track Jacket by Vuori

Venture Track Jacket by Vuori

Priced at $118, Vuori’s Venture Track Jacket is second to none. Vuori has become a staple in the athleisure world and is known for its commitment to quality and innovative designs. This jacket, with its sleek black linen texture, is no exception. Designed for those who are always on the move, it promises not just style but also unparalleled comfort.

The Venture Track Jacket stands out with its four-way stretch, ensuring maximum mobility whether you’re hitting the gym or the streets. Its water-resistant feature and UPF 30+ protection make it perfect for outdoor workouts or unpredictable weather. The anti-odor technology ensures you stay fresh, no matter how intense your day gets. This jacket epitomizes functionality meeting style with interior pockets designed for essentials and a reflective logo for those late-night runs.

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Standout Features of the Venture Athleisure Jacket:

Material88% Polyester, 12% Elastane
ColorsBlack Linen Texture
DesignMidweight performance stretch woven with DWR for water resistance
Additional FeaturesAnti-Odor, UPF 30+, Water-Resistant, 4-WAY STRETCH
StorageZip Pocket, Interior Chest Pocket
LogoReflective Logo

7. Sunday Element Jacket by Vuori

Sunday Element Jacket by Vuori

The Sunday Element Jacket is yet another athleisure jacket to pay attention to. Priced at $118, this jacket is a perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe, especially those who value aesthetics and performance.

The jacket is crafted with a super soft knit, ensuring comfort during any activity. Its modern athletic fit is tailored to complement the physique, making it a swagger choice for both workouts and casual outings. The jacket’s moisture-wicking fabric and nylon overlays ensure you remain dry and comfortable, regardless of the weather. Plus, including a drawcord hoodie and zip pockets adds to its practicality.

Standout Features of the Sunday Element Athleisure Jacket:

Material88% Recycled Polyester, 12% Elastane (Shell)
Liner100% Polyamide
Special Features4-Way Stretch, Moisture Wicking, Recycled Material
Additional DetailsDrawcord, Zip Pocket

8. Boardwalker Full-Zip Windbreaker by Linksoul

Boardwalker Full-Zip Windbreaker by Linksoul

Priced at $65, Linksoul’s Boardwalker Full-Zip Windbreaker will work for just about any occasion. Linksoul is known for its commitment to quality and innovative designs, bringing this functional and aesthetically pleasing windbreaker. Designed to keep you warm during those windy days, this jacket is constructed with a unique blend of cotton and recycled poly, ensuring warmth when needed.

The Boardwalker Full-Zip Windbreaker stands out not just for its sleek design but also for its commitment to sustainability, being made from recycled materials. The 4-way stretch ensures maximum mobility, making it ideal for both active days out and casual wear. The outer pockets, complete with a stylish zipper cover, add a touch of sophistication while being practical. This windbreaker is not just about looking fresh; it’s about feeling good and doing good for the environment.

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Standout Features of the Boardwalker Full-Zip Windbreaker:

Material35% recycled poly / 32% poly / 25% cotton / 8% spandex
Colors AvailableNavy
Design4-way stretch full-zip pullover windbreaker
Additional FeaturesMade from recycled materials, Machine washable in cold water
StorageOuter pockets with stylish zipper cover

9. Summer Bomber By Rhone

Summer Bomber By Rhone

The athleisure trend continues with Rhone’s Summer Bomber. Priced at $188.00, this jacket is a fashion statement and a practical addition to any man’s wardrobe.

Crafted with precision, the Summer Bomber is designed to elevate your outerwear game. The jacket is available in two fresh colors: Navy and London Fog Gray, ensuring a shade to match every outfit. But it’s not just about looks. This bomber is breathable, flexible, and has a DWR finish, making it water-repellent. So, even if you’re caught in a drizzle, this jacket has your back. Literally.

The jacket’s design includes two zip-closed hand pockets, an interior media pocket, and a comfortable mock neck collar, making it suitable for various occasions. The Summer Bomber is versatile enough to fit the bill whether you’re heading out for a casual evening or need something stylish for a morning jog.

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Standout Features of the Summer Athleisure Bomber Jacket:

MaterialBreathable with DWR finish for water repellency
PocketsTwo hand pockets with zips, Interior media pocket
CollarComfortable mock neck collar
Colors AvailableNavy, London Fog Gray
Special CharacteristicsFlexible and easy to pack down

10. Weather-Ready Lightweight Windbreaker by ASRV

Weather-Ready Lightweight Windbreaker by ASRV

ASRV is making waves in the athleisure industry. They’re not just about looking good; they’re about performance, functionality, and pushing the boundaries of what activewear can be. Their products often blend cutting-edge technology with sleek design, ensuring you’re always at the top of your game, whether hitting the gym or the streets.

The Weather-Ready Lightweight Windbreaker is a testament to ASRV’s commitment to excellence. Priced at $98 (originally $148), this jacket is designed for those serious about their workouts but who don’t want to compromise on style. The jacket offers ultra-lightweight wind and rain protection, ensuring you’re always ready, no matter the weather. A standout feature is the raised collar that conceals a stowaway hood with an invisible zipper, providing added protection when needed. The underarm stretch gusset panel is another innovative feature, allowing the sleeves to move independently of the body.

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Standout Features of the Weather-Ready Lightweight Windbreaker:

FabricBreathable mesh liner
Weather ProtectionWind and rain protection
Additional FeaturesStowaway hood, Underarm stretch gusset panel

What to Look for When Considering an Athleisure Jacket

The athleisure trend has taken the fashion world by storm, and it’s not hard to see why. Combining the comfort of athletic wear with the style of business casual clothing, athleisure offers the best of both worlds. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right athleisure jacket? Here’s a guide to help you make an informed decision.

Versatile, Durable, and Weather-resistant

When investing in an athleisure jacket, you want something that can handle a bit of everything. Whether heading to the gym, running errands, or meeting friends for coffee, your jacket should be up for the task.

  1. Versatility: Look for jackets that can easily transition from one activity to another. A jeans jacket that looks as fresh as workout leggings is a win. Consider the different scenarios where you’ll wear the jacket and ensure it fits the bill.
  2. Durability: Athleisure might be a fashion trend, but that doesn’t mean the clothing should be flimsy. Opt for jackets made from high-quality materials that can withstand regular wear and washing. Reinforced stitching, quality zippers, and durable fabrics are all indicators of a jacket that will stand the test of time.
  3. Weather resistance: Let’s face it; the weather can be unpredictable. A drizzle can quickly turn into a downpour. Your athleisure jacket should be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Look for jackets with water-resistant or waterproof properties. Bonus points if the jacket also offers UV protection for those sunny days.

Lightweight and Breathable

No one wants to feel wrapped in a heavy, wet blanket, especially when they’re on the move. The ideal athleisure jacket should be:

  1. Lightweight: Even if it’s keeping you warm, it shouldn’t weigh you down. Advanced fabrics can offer insulation without adding bulk.
  2. Breathable: Ever been in a situation where you’re warm on the outside but sweating on the inside? It’s not pleasant. A breathable jacket allows moisture to escape, ensuring you stay comfortable regardless of activity.

Provides Warmth and Comfort

While style is essential, comfort is paramount. After all, the “leisure” in athleisure is leisurely and comfortable.

  1. Insulation: For those chilly mornings and evenings, insulation is crucial. Look for jackets with a good warmth-to-weight ratio. This means they provide warmth without being overly heavy or bulky.
  2. Soft Inner Lining: A soft inner lining can make all the difference in a jacket. It adds an extra layer of warmth and feels great against the skin.
  3. Flexible Design: Whether you’re stretching, lifting, or just lounging, your jacket should move with you. Look for designs with articulated elbows or gusseted underarms for increased mobility.

Suitable for the Gym or Office

The beauty of athleisure is its versatility. The same jacket you wear for a workout should suit a casual day at the office.

  1. Subtle Branding: While you might love a brand, you don’t necessarily want its logo plastered all over your jacket. Subtle branding ensures your jacket looks as good in a professional setting as in the gym. In some cases, the logo looks fly (ASRV).
  2. Neutral Colors: While bright and bold colors can be fun, neutral colors offer more versatility. Blacks, grays, and navies are always a safe bet.
  3. Sleek Design: Look for jackets with a streamlined design. Avoid anything too baggy or with too many pockets and zippers. An elegant design ensures your jacket looks polished, no matter the setting.

When considering an athleisure jacket, you must consider where and how you’ll use it. You can find a jacket that fits your needs and looks dope by focusing on versatility, durability, comfort, and style.

Styling Tips and Outfit Ideas

Athleisure has redefined the boundaries of fashion, blurring the lines between gym wear and everyday attire. It’s not just about comfort; it’s about looking fresh while feeling relaxed. Let’s dive into some styling tips and outfit ideas that will have you turning heads everywhere.

Fit an athleisure jacket with joggers, chinos, or shorts.

Pair with Joggers or Shorts

Joggers have become the quintessential athleisure bottom wear and for a good reason. They’re comfortable, stylish, and incredibly versatile. When paired with an athleisure jacket, they create an effortlessly cool look. Opt for joggers in neutral colors like black, gray, or navy for a more refined look. If you’re feeling adventurous, try joggers with a side stripe or a unique texture.

Shorts, however, are perfect for those warmer days when you still want to rock the athleisure vibe. Choose shorts that hit just above the knee for a modern look. Remember to ensure the shorts are tailored and not too baggy. Pair them with a lightweight athleisure jacket, and you have a look perfect for a summer day out.

Layer with Hoodies or Pull-Over Quarter-Zips

Layering is the secret sauce of athleisure styling. It adds depth to your outfit and allows versatility in changing weather conditions. Hoodies, with their laid-back vibe, are perfect for this. Choose a hoodie contrasting your jacket for a pop of freshness. For instance, a white hoodie under a black athleisure jacket can create a striking contrast.

Pull-over quarter-zips are another excellent layering option. They offer a slightly more polished look than hoodies, making them suitable for occasions when you want to lean more towards the “leisure” side of athleisure. The zipper detail adds a touch of sophistication, and when paired with an athleisure jacket, it creates a stylish and functional look.

Complete the Look with Athleisure Sneakers

No athleisure outfit is complete without the right pair of sneakers. Athleisure sneakers are the epitome of comfort meets style. When choosing sneakers, look for sleek and not too-chunky designs. Neutral colors like black, white, or gray are always safe, but don’t be afraid to experiment with bolder colors or patterns. Remember, the sneakers should complement your outfit, not overpower it.

When pairing sneakers with joggers, ensure the joggers taper towards the ankle to showcase the sneakers. With shorts, opt for low-top sneakers for a balanced look. And if you’re layering with hoodies or pullovers, choose sneakers that match the color palette of your top layers to create a cohesive look.

Wrap Up

The world of athleisure has seen a meteoric rise in recent years, and the jacket segment is no exception. From the versatile Hi-Lo Reversible Bomber Jacket by BYLT Basics to the sleek design of the Concorde Jacket by Cuts Clothing, the market is brimming with standout products that cater to style and functionality. These jackets aren’t just about looking good; they’re about fabric, design, and wearability innovations. The unique features, such as weather resistance in the Weather-Ready Lightweight Windbreaker by ASRV and the breathable materials in the Venture Track Jacket by Vuori, set these jackets apart in a crowded market.

But what differentiates these athleisure jackets is their ability to seamlessly blend into various settings, be it a casual day out, a gym session, or even a relaxed day at the office. The future of athleisure jackets looks bright, with brands continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. As consumers, we can look forward to even more innovations, designs, and unique features that redefine how we view casual wear. Athleisure jackets have firmly established their swagger in the ever-evolving fashion world, promising a future where comfort meets unparalleled style.


What is the growing trend of athleisure jackets?

Athleisure jackets are becoming increasingly popular due to their blend of style and functionality. They offer the comfort of sportswear while maintaining a polished look suitable for various occasions.

Which brands are leading in the athleisure jacket market?

Standout brands include BYLT Basics, Cuts Clothing, Vuori, Linksoul, Legends Apparel, and ASRV. Each brand offers unique designs and features that cater to the modern man’s needs.

What makes the Hi-Lo Reversible Bomber Jacket by BYLT Basics unique?

This jacket is known for its versatility, offering two distinct looks in one. It’s made of premium materials and boasts a modern fit, making it a top choice for many.

Are there any styling tips for wearing athleisure jackets?

Absolutely! Pair them with joggers or shorts, layer with hoodies or pull-over quarter-zips, and complete the look with athleisure sneakers for a fresh and dapper appearance.

What should I consider when choosing an athleisure jacket?

Look for versatile, durable, weather-resistant, lightweight, breathable, warm, and comfortable jackets. They should also be suitable for both the gym and office settings.

How do I style the Venture Track Jacket by Vuori?

This versatile jacket can be paired with casual and sporty outfits. Its modern athletic fit makes it great for workouts, while its sleek design ensures you look sharp for casual outings.

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