Men’s Athleisure Shoes

Men’s athleisure shoes are crushing the sneaker scene. Learn about the dopest shoes and styles from the brands you love.


The Brands We Love! Men’s Athleisure Shoes

These athleisure shoe brands should be a part of every man’s ensemble.

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What Are Men’s Athleisure Shoes?

Men’s athleisure shoes are a specific category within the broader athleisure trend, focusing on footwear that combines the performance features of athletic shoes with the aesthetics and versatility of casual wear. These shoes are designed to offer the support, comfort, and functionality needed for sports or physical activities while boasting a style that fits well with casual and even semi-formal settings.

Unlike traditional athletic shoes, which may solely focus on performance, men’s athleisure shoes are crafted with an eye toward fashion. They often feature slick designs, quality materials, and various colors and styles that make them suitable for various occasions. Brands like On Running, with their On Cloud Roger Sneakers, exemplify this trend by offering shoes suitable for running or working out and pairing well with jeans, chinos, or other casual wear. The result is a type of footwear that’s adaptable, stylish, and ready to complement the modern man’s diverse lifestyle. It’s a fresh approach to footwear that doesn’t force men to choose between looking and feeling good, making these shoes a popular and growing segment in men’s fashion.


Everything to know About Athleisure Shoes!

An athleisure shoe is a fusion of athletic and leisure footwear designed to provide the comfort and functionality of sports shoes while offering the style and versatility of casual wear. They suit various activities and occasions, from working out to social gatherings.

Athletic sneakers are shoes specifically designed for sports and physical activities. They often include cushioning, support, and traction to enhance performance. Unlike athleisure shoes, they may focus more on functionality rather than style.

Yes, many sneakers fall into the category of athleisure, especially those that combine sporty design with casual aesthetics. Athleisure sneakers are often worn for both athletic activities and everyday wear.

There are several men’s athleisure shoe brands on the market today. Our favorites are BYLT Basics, Cole Haan, Boss, Beckett Simonon, Allen Edmonds and On.

Men typically wear athletic or athleisure shoes to the gym. These provide support and comfort for various workouts while offering a stylish appearance.

Sneakers that blend style, comfort, and functionality, such as the On Cloud Roger Sneakers, look good on men. The choice may vary based on individual preferences, outfits, and occasion.

A 50-year-old man can wear various shoes, including athleisure, depending on lifestyle and preferences. Comfort, quality, and personal style should guide the choice.

Some athleisure shoes are designed with running technology and can be suitable for casual running. However, specialized running shoes may offer better support and performance for serious running or training.

When choosing athleisure shoes, consider factors like comfort, style, intended use, quality of materials, and brand reputation. Trying them on and checking reviews can also guide your decision.

Depending on the office dress code, some athleisure shoes with a sleek and polished design may be suitable for a business casual environment.

Caring for athleisure shoes typically involves regular cleaning with mild detergents, avoiding harsh chemicals, and allowing them to air dry. Proper storage and rotation can also prolong their lifespan.